I’ve been an IT fan most of my life, well since the boys in my A level class would let me on the computers. I’ve also been a gentle sensitive person all my life, sensing people’s moods, being able to calm an argument. I meet with lots of spiritual and sensitive people in various groups and Holistic fairs I attend and I have found that some are not making the most of IT and specifically the internet. Some are not keen on using a computer and sometime dismiss it as a useful tool to help publicise their business.

With my unique background I am able to help bridge the gap between IT and the holistic business. I am a total ‘IT smartarse’ and have the skill of being able to interact with people at all levels of IT experience. I have a calm, patient and intuitive approach with everyone I help especially those who finds it challenging getting to grips with technology. I understand what it is like to be scared or apprehensive about using computers with some people being frightened to press a button just in case they lose everything or mess it up.

My aim is to empower the holistic business owner to have full control of their technology. For example, I can create an effective but basic website for them using WordPress and once completed I can train the client or a person of their choice to administer and make changes to the website. There are times when something in your business may change but instead waiting for someone and paying for them to make these changes with this training they can be made instantly by yourself.

Mobile phone technology has also come on so far that you could run your whole business from one or at lease carry out a lot of your business processes on it. They are now more like tablet devices but with the facility to make calls and text. They can now be used to send and receive emails, check out Facebook posts and keep track of your diary. Did you also know that you can get a version of office for your smart phone and synchronise files so there is an exact copy on your laptop or any other computer or tablet device you may use. This synchronisation can be set up so that if you make a change to a file on any device it will instantly change the version on any other devices where this synchronisation has been set up, providing your device is connected to the internet via WIFI or mobile data.

Photos taken with your smart phone can be backed up to an area on the internet (Cloud) so they can never get lost if something unforeseen happens to your smart phone. Smart phones can also be used to make basic changes to your WordPress website. There are so many applications that can be downloaded to your smart phone that soon some of us aren’t going to be able to live without them!

Is there any way I can help you, or someone you know, with a technological challenge?

Bridging the gap between Technology and the Holistic business