I’ve been thinking about health as I often do. The key to fatigue type illnesses is the health of the individual’s cells. As Sarah Myhill’s new book is titled “Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria.” 

Basically, the mitochondria are the part of a cell that produces energy. If the cells are not producing energy they won’t be able to work properly and this is when all sorts of things start going wrong with the body. 

For some, the cell membrane may be weak. Cell membranes are made up of oils like omega 3 and 6, EPA and DHA oils. If the body is not getting enough of these then the cell membranes become unhealthy. In this case the body struggles to make energy and starts relying on other mechanisms to create energy.

To address this it is very important for the body to have a high intake of Flax seed oil. The method that makes flax seed oil more bio-availabe is to blend it (in a blender or liquidiser) with cottage cheese. Other ingredients like nuts, seeds and fruit can also be added.

The recipe to make this flax seed oil and cottage cheese mixture was created by Sharon Richards at The Barn Clinic, Welwyn Garden City. I shall be posting this on my blog soon or it can be found on my Shebear Solutions Facebook page.

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With gratitude.

Chronic Fatigue type illnesses