“It was absolutely amazing!! I know exactly what I released and what caused it. I have been feeling the aftermath of the incident (which happened when I was 42…) in my right shoulder blade and have been trying to heal this but have found it very difficult as there is a lot of pain in that area. I have been releasing emotions only very slowly since. Basically I was betrayed and lied to by someone I had only just started dating. So I had to stop it all as there was no honesty between us and relationships cannot be built without this. It was very difficult due to some karmic influence and soul to soul recognition which messes up perspectives and who we actually are in this current lifetime. I knew his soul very well but not him in this lifetime kind of thing.

After the session with you I immediately felt a bit dizzy and had a small headache. So something definitely shifted. Once at home and during the following day I felt lighter and the pain at the back of my shoulder blade had gone completely. Only today have I felt a little discomfort in the area but nothing like what it was before.

So BIG thank you!!! I think the technique is absolutely amazing and very precise.”

Ms O

ā€œIā€™m always surprised how such simple actions can have such a beneficial effect!ā€


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