Kefir is a natural, health promoting product but can also give the following benefits:

Kefir for a good digestion

Kefir aids the breakdown of bad cells which are formed through unbalanced nutrition and pollution. By strengthening the intestinal flora in the gut, it will also aid digestion & absorption of your nutrition.

The positive bacteria in milk Kefir act like a natural antibiotic

For decades we have known that having positive bacteria in the gut is essential for our health. Milk Kefir provides these positive bacteria but without the industrial additives of some commercial yogurt drinks and is less expensive. Moreover, Kefir contains additional positive bacteria which are all created by Mother Nature; from the Caucasus.

Bowels and Kefir

Using Kefir on a regular basis supports the balance of your intestinal flora. It improves your resistance to disease and supports healthy bowel movements..The bowels are dependent on the bacteria in our gut which need to be well balanced to have a well functioning immune system. Kefir strengthens the presence of these healthy bacteria in our bodies and therefore gives us a stronger immune system.


Kefir benefits