If you stop any person on the street and ask them what causes heart disease, you know what the answer will be: butter and eggs, meat and fat. Did you know that this idea comes from a hypothesis, which has been proven to be entirely false? This infamous hypothesis, called The Diet-Heart Hypothesis, has been proposed in 1953, and it took scientists all over the world a few decades to prove it wrong. Trouble is, while the science was working on it, a hugely powerful and wealthy political and commercial machine was built based on the diet-heart hypothesis. This machine has too much vested interest in this hypothesis to allow it to die, so they do their best to vigorously promote it to the population.

We have been subjected to anti-fat and anti-cholesterol propaganda for decades relentlessly and with increasing intensity. If this policy was correct, if indeed natural fat and cholesterol-rich foods caused heart disease, then the rates of this disease would have fallen by now. But they are not falling, they are increasing! So, the policy is wrong, and how can it be right, if it is based on a wrong hypothesis!

Taken from http://www.doctor-natasha.com/heart-in-your-mouth-book.php

Put your heart in your mouth!