As a single parent and a ME Recoverer, now I’m well enough to start building a new career for myself, I have to be extra vigilant to make sure I take my supplements, do my relaxation, eat healthily. I still have to make the time to look after myself, being well is a full time job!I’ll never have the same hectic life I used to have but to be honest, when I was at the peek if my career I did have a nanny and a cleaner and my partner always cooked tea.

The key is to plan just a couple of business activities a day to make sure you have enough time in the day for yourself. That’s why wellness coaching or being self employed is a good idea for me. I can plan my life so that I do have ‘me’ time or perhaps I should call it ‘M.E’ time.

As some of my work will be over the telephone so it doesn’t matter if I’m sprawled out on the sofa in my pjs, with my greyhound. I couldn’t even start to contemplate the pressure a traditional 9 to 5 job would put me under. I would have to be earning a lot of money so I could afford help with running the household. I’ve considered it but realistically it’s just not an option.

As a type A personality, which most of us recoverers are, I would overdo it as I feel I have to be professional. Even when I do my voluntary work I find myself trying to fit too much into the 2 hours I have committed to.

It’s a case of know yourself and respecting your limitations and honouring your bodily needs.

Take care of yourself!


Recovering from ME