Hi peeps, I’ve been looking into natural hygiene products, products that don’t have all those nasty chemicals in. So I was thinking of the properties of coconut oil as I recall it is a natural antibacterial then I was thinking about oregano as this is not only antibacterial but it is also antifungal and possibly antiviral but I’d have to check that out. So I don’t really know what came first but I thought both toothpaste and antiperspirant needs to be antibacterial as the toothpaste needs to kill the bacteria in the mouth and the antiperspirant needs to kill the bacteria in our arm pits to prevent them from smelling. I suppose it’s not really an antiperspirant because you still sweat but you don’t smell because the bacteria that causes the smell is killed.

So I warmed up some coconut oil to make it runny and put a few drops of oregano oil in the jar with the coconut oil and hey presto I have She bear’s coconut and oregano oil antiperspirant toothpaste in one handy little jar!

I have tested this concoction for cleaning my teeth and they felt nice and clean afterwards. It also worked well at preventing armpit odours. This is great if you don’t mind smelling like a pizza.

Next task is to test coconut oil and tea tree oil and see which I prefer as an antiperspirant toothpaste lol.

When antiperspirant and toothpaste collide